Sandy’s Bio

I have been a chef for over twenty-five years, thanks to Julia Childs who was my inspiration in all my success, as I look back on my career.
Sandy's Family
My only regret is I never got to meet her but have worked closely with author and great friend of Julia’s biography Nancy Verde Barr.

Born and raised on Cape Cod, I had have the pleasure of working at some of the finest restaurants on the Cape such as The Red Pheasant Inn, Alberto’s Restaurant,The Ridge Club and a Private chef for a family of five in Newport Rhode Island.

As Emerald Lagasse once said, I decided to “kick it up a notch” and opened my own catering business in Centerville Massachusetts called Sandy’s Gourmet Kitchen.

I prepared fresh meals daily, sold gourmet prepared foods and catered a variety of events from a casual birthday party to elegant weddings.

An achiever, after ten years, I sold my business and moved to Boston now be closer to my two children.

Success has always followed me through my career in the culinary arts, I now welcome this next chapter in my life to bring all the joys and pleasures to your home and now mine, here to Boston and look forward to sharing this passion of mine with you!

Sandy's Family
We can provide you with:

  • Weekly meals that fit your dietary and nutritional needs
  • Fine in home dining for special events for couples and groups
  • Dining options for seniors and those with special diets
  • Food and beverage pairing events
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Vacation home cooking
  • Whatever your dining mind can imagine

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